Why do you need WPA3?

Two years ago, Wi-Fi Alliance ratified a new Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) security standard, WPA3. It offers a lot of new interesting features, like Open Wi-Fi Security, Individual Data Encryption, Brute-force Attack Prevention and Strong Protection for Weak Passwords.

Label A Customer Case

Customer Case: Label A

Label A is an agency specialized in developing innovative digital products. The company used to manage and secure its own network. After eleven years of growing as a business, it was time to let go of control over the network. Netleaf turned out to be an ideal match.

Spadel Customer Case

Customer Case: Spadel

At mineral water producer Spadel, its wireless network is now a key part of its industrial strategy. Yes, the network has the usual laptops and tablets attached, but far more important to the company is that Wi-Fi connects its production and stock management staff too – even its fork-lift trucks are Wi-Fi enabled and are networked via Netleaf.