Customer Oriented Security Operations Center (SOC)

Cyber Defence Center

Netleaf’s Cyber Defence Center serves as your guardian angel, providing nonstop security monitoring, detection, and response services to safeguard your business against potential threats.

Cyber Defence Center

Our customer oriented Security Operations Center, made to be responsive to your business needs.

Cyber Security Integration

All-round Cyber Security solutions to protect every aspect of your business.


Security Design
Emergency Planning
User Awareness
Vulnerability Management


Endpoint Security
Email Gateway Security
Zero Trust Network Access
Network Access Control


Advanced Email Security
Extended Detection & Response
Next-Gen SIEM


Cyber Defence Center (SOC)
Incident Response



Why work with us?


Positive attitude

Five core values that are essential for establishing and maintaining long-term relationships. We live and breathe them.


We are dedicated to enhancing efficiency in our interactions with both customers and suppliers, continually striving to level up our relationships.

Our customers are in close contact with the relevant persons involved in a project and they communicate in a personal, face-to-face manner.

Reclaim your network

Our customer’s IT manager should maintain control and be informed of the location of all pertinent knowledge. We prioritize comprehensive documentation of projects, changes, and procedures.

Additionally, we provide the customer with complete access to system logins, empowering them to manage systems under our supervision.

Measurable progress in reasonable time

We ensure significant improvement within a reasonable timeframe, offering flexibility in product & support purchasing.

Our commitment lies in delivering optimal solutions for our customers, avoiding unnecessary back-and-forth competition with competitors.

Customer oriented

We prioritize identifying the genuine needs of our customers and strive to maintain independence from any single vendor, ensuring unbiased solutions.

Best of both worlds

We occupy a unique position in the market: we have the flexibility of a start-up company and the organizational and financial stability of a larger player.

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