My first two years at an IT company

When I started at Netleaf 2 years ago, a week before the Corona outbreak, it was not an easy period for a smooth start-up.

Nevertheless, I immediately received the necessary confidence and time to find my way in a new job in a, for me, unknown sector.

A sector that, by the way, is very challenging, fascinating and always innovative.

The management gives me the necessary freedom and confidence to develop my talents and achieve my ambitions within team Netleaf, which allows me to grow into other roles. In this way, the job remains challenging and instructive every day. Here, everyone with the right drive and ambition gets the chance to develop their full potential so that no one feels stuck in a particular position.

Because all colleagues at Netleaf form a close team with the same positive mindset, I can always go to them with questions, for advice or just for a nice chat.

Team Netleaf consists of a nice mix of genders, ages and cultural backgrounds, where everyone is respected for who he or she is.

Here it is never every man for himself, but we work together towards our goal, which is to become a trusted partner for our customer and build a future with them.

Our work week is a nice alternation between home work days, customer visits and office days. We have the freedom to plan our own schedule and do not have to keep to fixed mandatory homework or office days, but agree this among ourselves.

Both the sales team and the technical team meet every week to go over current projects. Every month we hold a meeting with the entire team, usually accompanied by a nice lunch. During these meetings, our input and ideas are always listened to so that we as employees can help build the future and vision of the company. Everyone is treated in the same respectful manner, whether you are an “ancien” or just starting out.

At Netleaf they also respect your personal life and so I was able, by mutual agreement, to set up a schedule that took my family life into account.

Also, no one has to apologize if they have an urgent doctor’s appointment or work an extra day at home to provide care for a sick child. One trusts that the work will get done.

Because management respects and appreciates each employee for who they are and what they do, we also go above and beyond as employees and there is no one with a 9-to-5 mentality on our team. This ensures that we are all driven to do our best, which our customers experience day after day.