No girls, no glory


We want to build a diverse team that can better serve companies looking to improve the security level of their network environment.


For 11 years, we have been proving that a healthy mix of genders and ethnicities leads to a more successful team.


By transferring our passion and enthusiasm to people of diverse genders and cultural backgrounds and treating them with respect and trust from day 1.

Empower & encourage


Faith – lead by example

ICT teams today are unilaterally composed due to a confluence of factors.

1 + 1 = 3 when various identities work together and different opinions come together, we see more successful teams. Both in terms of results, team spirit and personal well-being.
We are convinced and have experimentally discovered that – in times of scarcity of technical profiles – the winner will be the one who actively searches for the potential that resides in talented women & employees from different ethnic backgrounds and succeeds in convincing them of their added value in functional teams.

In doing so, we focus both on our internal organization and on the profiles we want to attract. The ‘transformation’ of our company culture was already a fact when Netleaf was founded in 2011, due to the fact that 1 of the 3 founders was a woman.
Despite a great awareness within Netleaf, it remains easier to attract male colleagues than to convince women to join our team.

A large part of the potential/talent in ICT today is not being utilized because the human being who embodies that potential is not being addressed. We want to develop a corporate culture that is very aware of the competitive advantage that lies in exploiting that employment potential.

‘Success is an attitude’ – Anything is possible when someone has a positive mindset. Skills are secondary and can be learned.