WiFi Site Survey

To measure is to know

A Wi-Fi site survey is the first step in setting up your network.

Through an assessment, either on site or based on a plan, our WiFi specialists map out how your network should be set up. This survey can also be useful for identifying interference factors in your current network.

After the survey, you will have a clear picture of the network environment, whether you are setting up or want to evaluate.

Three steps

Intake meeting

Before we start the site survey, we ask you to have a consultation with our experts. During this conversation, we inquire about the network environment, the physical characteristics of the area, the costs, and your company’s ambition. 


Taking into account all factors discussed in the meeting, we initiate the site survey. During this analysis, we measure several things such as the coverage level, the number of access points needed and their placement, and any possible sources of interference. This assessment can be based on a plan or on site.


After the analysis, our WiFi specialists will prepare a comprehensive report for you. This document will contain our advice for obtaining the, in our opinion, best-performing network.

Types of surveys

Predictive site survey

In a predictive site survey, we will calculate the probability of signal coverage based on a provided building plan. Our experts take into account all the specific properties of your walls, doors, partitions, glass panes, … With all possible parameters (e.g. number of clients) taken into account, the software we use will predict how the Wi-Fi will perform. This allows us to estimate how many APs are needed for the requested coverage, and their ideal positioning.

Active site survey

Also known as AP on a stick. With the help of an AP attached to a tripod, we will measure signals on site. Using advanced equipment, we can also measure other issues such as sources of interference. This data is fed into the software and provides necessary insights for the performance of your network.


It is possible to draw up a report on the current wireless network situation for your existing environment as well. During this audit, we uncover your network’s coverage dead zones, as well as revealing where overlaps between APs occur.

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