Win the race against ransomware

Usain Bolt only needs 11 seconds to run 100 meters and still have a spare second to rest. Cyber criminals can do a lot in 11 seconds, too. It is exactly the frequency ransomware attacks will hit organisations. Fortunately, ransomware protection can be as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1

Protect your email

Block phishing attacks

Attackers use social engineering tactics to bypass traditional email security. Use an email security solution that includes AI-enabled phishing and account takeover protection, as well as alerts when malicious activities are detected.

Train users

Your users are your last line of defense against phishing attacks. Training needs to be an ongoing effort, as attacks often become more sophisticated over time.

Implement remediation

Email attacks that evade email security and land in users’ inboxes need to be addressed quickly. Choose an email security solution that enables proactive threat discovery and automates remediation.

Step 2

Secure your applications

Protect web applications

Applications often have open vulnerabilities that can be exploited to gain access to your data. Use an application security solution that defends against web application vulnerabilities such as OWASP Top 10, zero-day and brute force attacks.

Protect access to applications

For internal applications, you should only allow access for authorized users and devices. Choose a zero trust access solution that enables role based access, multi-factor authentication and continuous verification of user and device identity.

Prevent lateral movement on your network

If attackers gain access to your network, they often attempt to move laterally to find and infect data sources. You need a network firewall that protects both your on-prem and cloud networks with network segmentation and advanced security services.

Step 3

Back up your data

Back up your data

You need to back up all of your data. Remember your on-prem data as well as data in the cloud/SaaS applications such as Office 365.

Protect access to applications

Attackers often target your backups to prevent you from being able to recover your data. Encryption, access control, and IP restrictions are all important here. You want to make sure that accessing your data is easy for you, but difficult for attackers.

Develop a recovery plan

If you are under attack, you need to be able to quickly deal with the attack, recover your data and avoid paying ransom. Consider not only your technical response, but also your business response. Test your plan in full before there is a problem. Forensics can be helpful in the aftermath of an attack to find vulnerabilities.

Don't fall victim to ransomware

We are uniquely qualified to protect your business from ransomware, as we provide effective solutions to defend against every step of today’s ransomware attacks. Barracuda provides the email, application/access, and backup protection solutions required to keep your business secure.


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