Network security

Netleaf believes in an approach that bears witness to vision. One that combines a common approach of on-prem, cloud & the endpoint resulting in as much automation and machine learning as possible.

The daily abundance of logs and incidents is thus reduced to a handful of events to be viewed by our Cyberspecialists.

Network security has always been about prevention. The difficulty lies that nowadays data is distributed in different modes:

In 2020, a network firewall is still the main gateway to the internet, as it was 20 years ago, but the importance of availability and visibility has become much greater. One who controls the network firewall, controls the gateway to critical cloud applications and thus controls the company.

Outsourcing the management & monitoring of this device to a Telco or an application provider can result in a conflict of interest and may slow down the process of a cloud strategy.

Storing data in a private cloud can be the first step to a cloud-first strategy. The protection of this data, as well as the connection between HQ and DC, should be handled by an intelligent firewall device with data analytics capabilities.

Depending on the needs, Netleaf has a broad range of firewall vendors.

Since end-users are working more and more outside the firewall of the office, endpoint protection and its integration in an overall security approach are more important than it was 10 years ago. Traditional antiviruses can’t cover the zero-day attacks while interaction with firewalls and cloud is a great need.

Prevention is the keyword, rather than downloading millions of signatures.

Threat Intelligence

Local Analysis

Dynamic Analysis

Malicious Process Prevention

Post Execution Ransomware Protection

Data Analytics
Data Analytics

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