Masterclasses by Netleaf

Trainings that will enhance your career

Are you new to IT and want to start learning? Or are you a seasoned professional who wants to keep developing his/her skills?
Everyone can benefit from learning. Our highly skilled engineers are happy to help you during intense Masterclasses.

Our courses are held on fixed dates. These are the trainings we offer at the moment:
• Email Protection (learn more)
• Backup & Archiver (learn more)

Practice makes progress.
Netleaf offers first-rate courses to level up your IT skills. During these personal coaching sessions, you will be actively involved in the class so that more of the subject matter will stay with you.

All Masterclasses can be given in English and Dutch.

Register for the Masterclasses here:

Masterclasses on the schedule

Email Protection Masterclass

  • Understand how to protect your data
  • Identify different threats to email security
  • Demonstrate different ways to keep email secure

Backup & Archiver Masterclass

  • Increase backup frequency
  • Align backup strategy to service-level demands
  • Continue to follow the 3-2-1 backup rule
  • Use cloud backup with intelligence
  • Automate disaster recovery runbooks
  • Don’t use backup for data retention
  • Protect endpoints and SaaS applications