Email Security Operating Center (ESOC)
& Security Awareness Training

If you could cover 90% of your company’s security risks without any effort, would you?

‘Why wouldn’t you?’ would be the better question. The most significant vulnerabilities in your organisation are your email environment and your employees – email attacks account for 90% of all data breaches. Shield your company to be among the lucky few who don’t have to experience these data breaches. Have your email environment handled and checked daily by top email experts, and your employees developed into a resistant force against cyber threats. Easy wins.


Data breaches

On average, it takes 277 days to identify and contain a data breach. With a specialised team dedicated to finding these data breaches for you, this time will decrease significantly.


82% of all data breaches are caused by human error. By educating employees to pinpoint & overcome cyber threats, you ensure that they become the first line of defence rather than the weak link in your organisation.


There is only a limited amount of time in a day. Your company’s IT team has no choice but to choose where to spend its time. By allowing them to focus on their core tasks, your organisation will rest assured that the core business will always stay up and running.

Introducing the 'no time to waste' security awareness training

82% of data breaches are caused by human error. Netleaf offers a program that turns your employees into the first line of defence against cyber threats, your company’s human firewall. It is not time-consuming for the IT team, and it is proven to work. During this annually repeated cycle only during set-up and evaluation (limited) time is requested from the IT team. After 12 months, your employees will be a resistant force against cyber threats. And the cycle restarts.

Phase 1

Kick off

We start the program by making the right preparations. In the form of workshops, we find out which topics we will cover, what the timing will be, and we set up the awareness environment.

Phase 2


The first month of the awareness program will be used to define a benchmark for the rest of the year. This involves the awareness knowledge of employees and behavior in awareness related situations. In addition, we start with a general awareness training for the entire company.

Phase 3


Starting from the 2nd month until the 11nd month of the security awareness program, different phishing campaigns and awareness training videos will be sent out to all employees. This phase includes several optional services we can offer.

Phase 4

Closing & review

During the last month of the cycle, we will compare the final results of the campaign to the initial benchmarking results.

Unburden your IT team with ESOC

Daily checkup

Suspicious sign-ins

We will monitor suspicious sign-in alerts and verify whether they are legitimate alerts or false alarms.

Daily checkup

Suspicious inbox rules

We will check the alerts for new suspicious inbox rules and determine if they are false positives or not.

Daily checkup

Real-time phishing protection logs & incidents

We will monitor and remediate newly detected phishing emails for all receiving users.

Daily checkup

User reported emails

We will review emails reported by users and identify which users have received these emails.

Daily checkup

Shared threat discovery

Benefit from phishing emails received by other clients

Daily checkup

Check for locally trending phishing emails (Domestic Threat Remediation)

We use open source intelligence to identify new phishing attempts for your location (e.g. ITSME, BPOST, FOD FIN, … for Belgium).

Quarterly report

Email expert report

Every three months, you will receive a more comprehensive report with statistics and insights about your email environment.