Cloud security

The core business of public cloud providers like Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Service (AWS) or Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is delivering applications in the cloud. 

The security of the cloud applications is these customer’s responsibility. Secure your public cloud environment, assisted by your Network & Security Partner.

Netleaf can enforce security on every public cloud platform. Our proposed Cloud Firewalls and Cloud Web Application Firewalls (WAF) offer tight integration into an automated management concept and zero-touch deployment for unlimited remote locations. 

Virtual Network

Email is still our most important data exchanging instrument, while email threats are becoming more and more challenging. Whether companies have already migrated to a Cloud Platform like O365 and Google Mail or they still have an on-prem mailserver (or a hybrid email environment), Netleaf can advise them on Email Security, Email Archiving or Cloud to Cloud backup to avoid advanced email attacks like email phishing.

Mail Security
Mail Security

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