Awareness training*

*without wasting time

You are an expert in cyber security. You know better than anyone else how important security awareness among employees is, because you know that 82% of all data breaches is caused by human error. If you could, you would do something about it. However, you don’t have time to initiate an awareness campaign, let alone monitor it. Sounds familiar?

Fortunately, Netleaf offers a program that is not time-consuming for the IT team, and is proven to work. During this annually repeated cycle only during set-up and evaluation (limited) time is requested from the IT team. After 12 months, your employees will be a resistant force against cyber threats. And the cycle restarts.

Phase 1

Kick off

We start the program by making the right preparations. In the form of workshops, we find out which topics we will cover, what the timing will be, and we set up the awareness environment.

Phase 2


The first month of the awareness program will be used to define a benchmark for the rest of the year. This involves the awareness knowledge of employees and behavior in awareness related situations. In addition, we start with a general awareness training for the entire company.

Phase 3


Starting from the 2nd month until the 11nd month of the security awareness program, different phishing campaigns and awareness training videos will be sent out to all employees. This phase includes several optional services we can offer.

Phase 4

Closing & review

During the last month of the cycle, we will compare the final results of the campaign to the initial benchmarking results.

Simplify security awareness

Facilitate awareness training through a program tailor-made for you, with minimal effort for your own work force. Let certified experts set up and manage the entire awareness program according to your needs and wishes, while you can focus on your core business.

Empower users to pinpoint & overcome cyber threats

Our awareness training creates real-world simulation and training aligned with all known cyber threats. Users will learn to spot and nullify them.

Gain insights into your biggest vulnerabilities

Capture thousands of data points that give you deeper and more useful insights into exactly where your risks exist, such as user-behavior metrics, detailed trend analytics, benchmarking statistics, and customizable reports and dashboards.

Keep security top-of-mind

Continuous training is most effective at influencing user behavioral change. We offer a variety of engaging awareness material to supplement training campaigns and to promote your security culture.

Make training part of a comprehensive security strategy

Give awareness the significance it deserves by adding it to your other security solutions. Seamlessly implement awareness training in your line of defense to make it more secure.

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